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lastBddpReceivedTime - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.LinkInfo
lastLldpReceivedTime - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.LinkInfo
lastSeen - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.devicemanager.AttachmentPoint
lastSeen - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.devicemanager.Devices.RESTDevice
lastSeenTimestamp - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.devicemanager.Entity
The last time we observed this entity on the network
lastUpdateTime - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.OFMTopologyManager
ldUpdates - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.OFMTopologyManager
learnDeviceByEntity(Entity) - Method in class etri.sdn.controller.module.devicemanager.Devices
Look up a Device based on the provided Entity.
LEARNING_SWITCH_APP_ID - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.learningmac.OFMLearningMac
LEARNING_SWITCH_COOKIE - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.learningmac.OFMLearningMac
LEARNING_SWITCH_REVERSE_FLOW - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.learningmac.OFMLearningMac
len - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.staticentrypusher.StaticFlowEntryType.SubActionStruct
length - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet.DHCPOption
length - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet.LLDPTLV
length - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet.UDP
length() - Method in class etri.sdn.controller.util.MACAddress
Returns the length of the MACAddress.
Link - Class in etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery
This class represents a Link.
Link(long, short, long, short) - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.Link
Link(long, int, long, int) - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.Link
Convenience constructor.
LINK_LOCAL_MASK - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.OFMLinkDiscovery
LINK_LOCAL_VALUE - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.OFMLinkDiscovery
LINK_TIMEOUT - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.Links
Timeout as part of LLDP process
linkDiscovery - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.OFMTopologyManager
linkDiscoveryAware - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.OFMLinkDiscovery
topology aware components are called in the order they were added to the the array
linkDiscoveryUpdate(ILinkDiscoveryListener.LDUpdate) - Method in interface etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.ILinkDiscoveryListener
Any class that implements ILinkDiscoveryListener receives link update notifications via this callback method
linkDiscoveryUpdate(ILinkDiscoveryListener.LDUpdate) - Method in class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.OFMTopologyManager
LinkInfo - Class in etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery
LinkInfo(Long, Long, Long, int, int) - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.LinkInfo
Links - Class in etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery
Model of the module OFMLinkDiscovery
Links(OFMLinkDiscovery) - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.Links
links - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.Links
Association between a link and the link information
links - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.OFMLinkDiscovery
Model of this module. initialized within initialize()
links - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.BroadcastTree
links - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.Cluster
Links.RESTLink - Class in etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery
class to convert Link information into JSON format.
Links.RESTLink(Link) - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.Links.RESTLink
linkStpBlocked() - Method in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.LinkInfo
The port states stored here are topology's last knowledge of the state of the port.
linksUpdated - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.OFMTopologyManager
Flag that indicates if links (direct/tunnel/multihop links) were updated as part of LDUpdate.
ListenerDispatcher<U,T extends IListener<U>> - Class in etri.sdn.controller.util
Maintain lists of listeners ordered by dependency.
ListenerDispatcher() - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.util.ListenerDispatcher
listeners - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.util.ListenerDispatcher
listTraverse(List<Object>, boolean) - Static method in class etri.sdn.controller.module.storagemanager.StorageConverter
LLC - Class in etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet
This class represents an Link Local Control header that is used in Ethernet 802.3.
LLC() - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet.LLC
llcHeader - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet.BPDU
LLDP - Class in etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet
LLDP() - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet.LLDP
LLDP_BSN_DST_MAC_STRING - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.OFMLinkDiscovery
LLDP_STANDARD_DST_MAC_STRING - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.OFMLinkDiscovery
LLDP Data Units (LLDPDUs) are sent to the destination MAC address 01:80:c2:00:00:0e.
LLDP_TO_ALL_INTERVAL - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.OFMLinkDiscovery
LLDP_TO_KNOWN_INTERVAL - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.OFMLinkDiscovery
LLDP frequency for known links.
lldpClock - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.OFMLinkDiscovery
LLDPOrganizationalTLV - Class in etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet
The class representing LLDP Organizationally Specific TLV.
LLDPOrganizationalTLV() - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet.LLDPOrganizationalTLV
LLDPTLV - Class in etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet
LLDPTLV() - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet.LLDPTLV
loadConfiguration() - Static method in class etri.sdn.controller.TorpedoProperties
Load configuration in torpedo.properties file and convert it into TorpedoProperties object and return it.
loadJar(String) - Static method in class etri.sdn.controller.util.JarLoader
lock - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.Links
Lock for guaranteeing synchronized access to Links.links;
lock_ - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.TorpedoProperties
lock object to guarantee the synchronized access to the TorpedoProperties.sysconf_ member.
Logger - Class in etri.sdn.controller.util
Logger() - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.util.Logger
lowpoint - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.ClusterDFS
LRUHashMap<K,V> - Class in etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager
This class represents a LRU (Least Recently Used) HashMap.
LRUHashMap(int) - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.LRUHashMap
LT_BD_LINK - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.TopologyInstance
LT_SH_LINK - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.TopologyInstance
LT_TUNNEL - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.TopologyInstance