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mac - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.devicemanager.Devices.RESTDevice
mac - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.learningmac.MacVlanPair
MAC_ADDRESS_LENGTH - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.util.MACAddress
macAddress - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.devicemanager.DeviceIterator
macAddress - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.devicemanager.Entity
The MAC address associated with this entity
MACAddress - Class in etri.sdn.controller.util
The class representing MAC address.
MACAddress(byte[]) - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.util.MACAddress
macAddressString - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.devicemanager.Device
MacVlanPair - Class in etri.sdn.controller.module.learningmac
This is a modified version of the original MacVlanPair of Floodlight.
MacVlanPair(Long, Short, IOFSwitch) - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.module.learningmac.MacVlanPair
Constructor to create the MacVlanPair object.
macVlanToSwitchPortMap - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.learningmac.OFMLearningMac
Table to save learning result.
Main - Class in etri.sdn.controller
This is a entry-point class of the whole Torpedo system.
Main() - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.Main
main(String[]) - Static method in class etri.sdn.controller.Main
This is an entry-point function for Torpedo system.
main(String[]) - Static method in class etri.sdn.controller.module.storage.StorageConverter
maintenanceQueue - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.OFMLinkDiscovery
makeCookie(int, int) - Static method in class etri.sdn.controller.util.AppCookie
Encapsulate an application ID and a user block of stuff into a cookie
manager - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.firewall.FirewallStorage
manager - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.linkdiscovery.Links
reference to the module of this model.
manager - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.statemanager.State
manager - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.staticentrypusher.StaticFlowEntryStorage
manager - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.Topology
manager - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.ui.WebUserInterface
MapToDBObject(Map<String, Object>) - Static method in class etri.sdn.controller.module.storage.StorageConverter
MapToDBObject(Map<String, Object>) - Static method in class etri.sdn.controller.module.storagemanager.StorageConverter
This method converts a Map object into a BasicDBObject, and returns it to the caller.
matches(Device) - Method in class etri.sdn.controller.module.devicemanager.DeviceIterator
matches(T) - Method in class etri.sdn.controller.util.FilterIterator
Check whether the given value should be returned by the filter
matchesFlow(long, short, Ethernet, WildcardsPair) - Method in class etri.sdn.controller.module.firewall.FirewallRule
Matches this rule to a given flow - incoming packet.
matchIPAddress(int, int, int) - Method in class etri.sdn.controller.module.firewall.FirewallRule
Determines if rule's CIDR address matches IP address of the packet.
matchWithRule(IOFSwitch, OFPacketIn, MessageContext) - Method in class etri.sdn.controller.module.firewall.OFMFirewall
Iterates over the firewall rules and tries to match them with the incoming packet (flow).
MAX_INFOSTRING_LENGTH - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet.LLDPOrganizationalTLV
MAX_LINK_WEIGHT - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.TopologyInstance
MAX_MACS_PER_SWITCH - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.learningmac.OFMLearningMac
MAX_PATH_WEIGHT - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.topologymanager.TopologyInstance
maxAge - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet.BPDU
messageAge - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet.BPDU
MessageContext - Class in etri.sdn.controller
This is a context object where listeners can register and later retrieve context information associated with an event.
MessageContext() - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.MessageContext
MessageContextStore<V> - Class in etri.sdn.controller
MessageContextStore() - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.MessageContextStore
messageDamper - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.forwarding.ForwardingBase
messages() - Method in class etri.sdn.controller.OFController.QI
MIN_HEADER_LENGTH - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.protocol.packet.DHCP
------------------------------------------ |op (1) | htype(1) | hlen(1) | hops(1) | ------------------------------------------ | xid (4) | ------------------------------------------ | secs (2) | flags (2) | ------------------------------------------ | ciaddr (4) | ------------------------------------------ | yiaddr (4) | ------------------------------------------ | siaddr (4) | ------------------------------------------ | giaddr (4) | ------------------------------------------ | chaddr (16) | ------------------------------------------ | sname (64) | ------------------------------------------ | file (128) | ------------------------------------------ | options (312) | ------------------------------------------
ModuleListSerializer - Class in etri.sdn.controller.module.statemanager
A Custom Serializer that serialize OFController.
ModuleListSerializer() - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.module.statemanager.ModuleListSerializer
ModuleListSerializerModule - Class in etri.sdn.controller.module.statemanager
A Custom Serializer module that consists of ModuleListSerializer and ModuleSerializer.
ModuleListSerializerModule() - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.module.statemanager.ModuleListSerializerModule
modules - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.OFController
set of all modules.
modules - Static variable in class etri.sdn.controller.OFModule
static map that holds all the references to module instances.
ModuleSerializer - Class in etri.sdn.controller.module.statemanager
A Custom Serializer for OFModule class.
ModuleSerializer() - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.module.statemanager.ModuleSerializer
mongoClient - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.storage.OFMStorageManager
mongoClient - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.storagemanager.OFMStorageManager
moreFlag - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.flowcache.FlowCacheQueryResp
Set to true if more flows could be returned for this query in additional callbacks.
moveFlowToDifferentApplInstName(OFMatchReconcile) - Method in interface etri.sdn.controller.module.flowcache.IFlowCacheService
Move the specified flow from its current application instance to a different application instance.
msg - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.util.OFMessageDamper.DamperEntry
msgs - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.OFController.QI
msgTypesToCache - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.util.OFMessageDamper
multiIndices - Variable in class etri.sdn.controller.module.devicemanager.Devices
Multi indices (from an Entity to a set of device IDs)
MultiIterator<T> - Class in etri.sdn.controller.util
Iterator over all values in an iterator of iterators
MultiIterator(Iterator<Iterator<T>>) - Constructor for class etri.sdn.controller.util.MultiIterator